Monday, May 30, 2011

Maintaining guppy fish

maintenance guppy fish

Maintaining a guppy is relatively easy compared to making fish and goldfish. Guppy does not require a filter and aerator if kept in a small population. Replacement of water can be cloudy when water is already visible, it is intended that the soluble impurities in the water, ammonia and seedling disease usually disappear because such conditions will inhibit the growth of fish, a dirty environment also resulted in the emergence of various kinds of germs.

Guppy are omnivores or eating everything, so the food is also diverse. Guppy food to be food of life (life food) and artificial food. Each food type has advantages and disadvantages.

Living foods contain good nutrition, such as silk worms contain proteins and fats that are very good for growth. Blood worms and mosquito larvae contain high protein, good for the mother guppy because it increases the quality of eggs. Live food is also more easily digested by the fish quickly and do not damage the water quality if there are leftovers. The weakness of the natural food is limited in the wild ketersediaanya so the price is relatively expensive, live food is also potentially carry germs on fish because it comes from open water.

Therefore it is necessary to care for live sterile food from germs. Artificial food has advantages in terms of price and cleanliness. The drawback lies in the less nutritionally complete and often contaminate water. But now there is also an artificial food that has a complete nutritional content but are quite expensive.

The temperature is good for the guppy between 25-28 degrees Celsius. At lower temperature guppy susceptible to disease because their immune systems declined. A disease that generally attacks the guppy among other fungi, dropsy and white spots. Guppy fish is always healthy for maintenance should be an affordable place the sun at least 2-3 hours / day, although indirectly. When guppy already stricken with the disease should be immediately separated from other fish and treated separately so as not to rub off on other fish.

White spot disease can be overcome by increasing the temperature of the aquarium with a heater to 30-32 degrees Celsius, whereas other fungal diseases and parasites of fish by soaking in a solution of salt or chemical solutions such as "Germ Free" or "Blitz Ict" sold in stores. Each drug has a purpose and use different rules.

Guppy health is also influenced by genetic factors or heredity. Therefore, if we seriously have to consider the origin of guppy is whether the result of inbreeding, linebreeding, or crossbreeding. Tillers arising from linebreeding have good health so as not susceptible to disease, whereas chicks from inbreeding process is easy to disease because of weakened immunity and the emergence of recessive traits of the offspring is generally harmful because inbreeding is hereditary.

This genetic problem will be discussed further in the title itself, because the extent of the discussion of genetics. Source :


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