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Types of guppy disease

Guppy disease
There are times when our pets have diseases that make us upset, which may be caused because the water tank that is rarely cleaned so that the growing number of bacteria in the tank which then transmitted to our fish or fish which is also already have a contagious disease to other fish.

If not immediately then we treat the fish could die, it's some little fish disease and treatment.

a. Saprolegnia.

The characteristics of the affected fish is white patches on the skin of fish. Treatment of alcohol metapen drops in place as much as 2 drops in one gallon of water / 4 1.12) liters of water. The next step give the salt and let some time.

Give the hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria attached to fishing nets for 15 to 30 seconds. Or it could also be used malachite green or blue or acriflavin methyline as a disinfectant. How to fish treatment that bacterial infection should be given additional space before treating.

b. Swelling or Bloat Disease
Fish was restless, the body looks bigger because of bloating. This is caused by inflammation of the intestine of fish. Isolate the affected fish, and enter into one gallon of water that had been spiked with 2 tablespoons full of salt British. Leave on for 4 or 6 hours, then add water for 12 hours. Once cured can be returned to the place of origin.

c. Mouth Fungus
Feature of the affected fish mouth fungus is easily seen from the white color which is located in front of his mouth. White mushrooms are very large colonies that attach to the fish's mouth, so shut the mouth of the fish to eat can not breathe and can cause fish to die. Aureomycin treatment using 25 mg to 1 gallon of water add 1 drop of iodine and metopen 2 drops.

d. Gills Disease
Feature of the affected fish gill inflammation usually caused by viral organisms. Characteristics of this disease gill opening, lazy meal and always above the water surface. The disease is caused by several bacteria and fungi and the most difficult to overcome.

Feature of this fish when dying their gills looked flushed and decompose faster than his body. Some ways you've successfully done is to give metapen mercurochrome soaked some time together and do a treatment with salt water and give a bigger place and spacious.

e. Bloating Disease
The characteristics of the affected fish stomach inflammation, among others, the fish seem to have trouble swimming to the bottom. The fix to give 1 teaspoon salt Britain every 1 / 2 liter of water, and soak the fish for 3 to 4 hours, then move the fish into a place of high altitude water 3 times a fish body. Still there are some diseases that are commonly known, such as aphids or needle. (Sri Mulyadi, Ir Wantoro). Source : House of guppy/

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