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Maintaining guppy fish

maintenance guppy fish

Maintaining a guppy is relatively easy compared to making fish and goldfish. Guppy does not require a filter and aerator if kept in a small population. Replacement of water can be cloudy when water is already visible, it is intended that the soluble impurities in the water, ammonia and seedling disease usually disappear because such conditions will inhibit the growth of fish, a dirty environment also resulted in the emergence of various kinds of germs.

Guppy are omnivores or eating everything, so the food is also diverse. Guppy food to be food of life (life food) and artificial food. Each food type has advantages and disadvantages.

Living foods contain good nutrition, such as silk worms contain proteins and fats that are very good for growth. Blood worms and mosquito larvae contain high protein, good for the mother guppy because it increases the quality of eggs. Live food is also more easily digested by the fish quickly and do not damage the water quality if there are leftovers. The weakness of the natural food is limited in the wild ketersediaanya so the price is relatively expensive, live food is also potentially carry germs on fish because it comes from open water.

Therefore it is necessary to care for live sterile food from germs. Artificial food has advantages in terms of price and cleanliness. The drawback lies in the less nutritionally complete and often contaminate water. But now there is also an artificial food that has a complete nutritional content but are quite expensive.

The temperature is good for the guppy between 25-28 degrees Celsius. At lower temperature guppy susceptible to disease because their immune systems declined. A disease that generally attacks the guppy among other fungi, dropsy and white spots. Guppy fish is always healthy for maintenance should be an affordable place the sun at least 2-3 hours / day, although indirectly. When guppy already stricken with the disease should be immediately separated from other fish and treated separately so as not to rub off on other fish.

White spot disease can be overcome by increasing the temperature of the aquarium with a heater to 30-32 degrees Celsius, whereas other fungal diseases and parasites of fish by soaking in a solution of salt or chemical solutions such as "Germ Free" or "Blitz Ict" sold in stores. Each drug has a purpose and use different rules.

Guppy health is also influenced by genetic factors or heredity. Therefore, if we seriously have to consider the origin of guppy is whether the result of inbreeding, linebreeding, or crossbreeding. Tillers arising from linebreeding have good health so as not susceptible to disease, whereas chicks from inbreeding process is easy to disease because of weakened immunity and the emergence of recessive traits of the offspring is generally harmful because inbreeding is hereditary.

This genetic problem will be discussed further in the title itself, because the extent of the discussion of genetics. Source :

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Types of guppy disease

Guppy disease
There are times when our pets have diseases that make us upset, which may be caused because the water tank that is rarely cleaned so that the growing number of bacteria in the tank which then transmitted to our fish or fish which is also already have a contagious disease to other fish.

If not immediately then we treat the fish could die, it's some little fish disease and treatment.

a. Saprolegnia.

The characteristics of the affected fish is white patches on the skin of fish. Treatment of alcohol metapen drops in place as much as 2 drops in one gallon of water / 4 1.12) liters of water. The next step give the salt and let some time.

Give the hydrogen peroxide to kill bacteria attached to fishing nets for 15 to 30 seconds. Or it could also be used malachite green or blue or acriflavin methyline as a disinfectant. How to fish treatment that bacterial infection should be given additional space before treating.

b. Swelling or Bloat Disease
Fish was restless, the body looks bigger because of bloating. This is caused by inflammation of the intestine of fish. Isolate the affected fish, and enter into one gallon of water that had been spiked with 2 tablespoons full of salt British. Leave on for 4 or 6 hours, then add water for 12 hours. Once cured can be returned to the place of origin.

c. Mouth Fungus
Feature of the affected fish mouth fungus is easily seen from the white color which is located in front of his mouth. White mushrooms are very large colonies that attach to the fish's mouth, so shut the mouth of the fish to eat can not breathe and can cause fish to die. Aureomycin treatment using 25 mg to 1 gallon of water add 1 drop of iodine and metopen 2 drops.

d. Gills Disease
Feature of the affected fish gill inflammation usually caused by viral organisms. Characteristics of this disease gill opening, lazy meal and always above the water surface. The disease is caused by several bacteria and fungi and the most difficult to overcome.

Feature of this fish when dying their gills looked flushed and decompose faster than his body. Some ways you've successfully done is to give metapen mercurochrome soaked some time together and do a treatment with salt water and give a bigger place and spacious.

e. Bloating Disease
The characteristics of the affected fish stomach inflammation, among others, the fish seem to have trouble swimming to the bottom. The fix to give 1 teaspoon salt Britain every 1 / 2 liter of water, and soak the fish for 3 to 4 hours, then move the fish into a place of high altitude water 3 times a fish body. Still there are some diseases that are commonly known, such as aphids or needle. (Sri Mulyadi, Ir Wantoro). Source : House of guppy/

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Naming guppy varieties

In general naming guppy varieties can be classified on the basis, characteristics of the front of the body (upper body), the rear body (lower body), fin, base color and combination of them.
Naming the characteristics of the front or upper body body commonly known is platinum, metallic because of the color of platinum or metallic in the front body (chest), on the back of the body (lower body) is known names tuxedo, pink, white, blue Japan, the combined front and cobra rear body known pattern, while the fins are adjusted to give naming shaped like a delta, spades, fan, lyre, sword, swallow, and elongated dorsal ribbon, the color such as blue, red, white, yellow and pattern such as grass, Mozaic. Naming is the most commonly performed on the basis of body color like blue, red, black and eye color like an albino. Red eye color that already can be lowered to the next generation also called RREA (Real Red Eye Albino).

Sometimes the naming is given also on the basis of the country where the guppy was first introduced such as Germany, Japan, and American because guppy lover of these countries crossed diligent and find the kinds of new guppy.

Well want to know how to different male n female:
1) Male Parent
male guppy
a. Having gonopodium (a bulge behind the pelvic fins), which is a modified anal fin in the form of a long fin .
b. Her slim body .
c. The color is brighter.
d. Dorsal fin is longer.
e. His head was big.

2) Female Parent
female guppy
a. Behind the pelvic fins no gonopodium, but the form of siriphalus.
b. His body fat
c. The color is less bright.
d. Dorsal fin plain.
e. The head was pointed.

The types of the most popular varieties of guppy with pictures of guppies

Cobra Guppy
male Cobra Guppy
Genes marked with a complexion like a cobra snake skin (snake skin) on the entire body of male guppy color combination of black, white or yellow. Very many who figured cobra guppy because this pattern is that since the first time can be identified. Changes in genes which are common on the type of cobra is known as lace. Lace gene has a style that is more subtle and complex. Because very easily crossed, cobra style can also be found in the female guppy.

Metallic Guppy
Male Metallic GuppyNaming refers to the color blue or dark metallic gray on the body of a male guppy. The most common is the type of Metallic Cobra which is a combination of genes and gene metallic cobra. They have to, and metallic-colored chest and rear body patterned cobra.

Japan Blue
male Japan blue guppyJapan Blue type thought to have originated from wild guppy populations in Japan. Characteristics of this type is the sky blue male guppy, because other genes influence the color can vary from purple to turquoise. Recent developments of the kind Japan has generally Lazuli Blue is the color blue head and base of tail.

Pink White Guppy
pink white male guppyThe characteristics of this guppy is a type of white color pink tail. This species recently identified by the source of unknown origin. The color varies from pink to white. Color variants are beginning to have a tail with a red tinge, but this time more found with bright solid colors like blue and white.

Tuxedo Guppy
Tuxedo male GuppyGenes tuxedo give your body a dark color the back (waist) like a black and blue, but his level of coverage vary. Generally cover the rear half of body guppy. Tuxedo genes in addition to providing coloring effects, also influence the size of the fin. Tuxedo tend to have larger fins.

Mozaic Guppy
red tuxedo male guppyMosaic genes show pattern or wavy line pattern on the fin guppy. Its characteristic blue color pattern at the base of the tail and stretching to the tail fin. The pattern always has a regular arrangement of blue with dark blue with yellow or red. To maintain Mozaic gene is not easy, he must be crossed with other genes for gene produced a patterned Mosaic beautiful.

Grass Guppy

Blue grass male guppyGrass is the development of Mosaic. Grass genes are shown from the pattern and dorsal fin tail guppy in the form of dot-dot of a point or knife smooth black or dark blue. Shape node grass turned out to provide different color, patterned grass blades appear fine on the grass while the red dots on the blue dot pattern grass. But now, both red and blue grass gress has subtle shades of dot points. At the beginning of the emergence of grass back fin transparent color so often called a glass grass

Leopard Guppy
leopard male guppyLeopard characterized by thick dots scattered randomly on the fins dark blue to black. The possibility of gene varieties developed from the Mozaic, but can also be found in crosses between species with the type of cobra guppy a solid color. When this type is not too much because it is less so beloved by his hobbies.

Reference []

Friday, March 25, 2011

Guppy Fish Care tips

In the aquarium, Guppy made it look decent beauty body movements, especially the beauty of colors that match the body of a man with a charming warrants reflection. Ornamental fish are often used to decorate your home or office space. place intended as a remedy to relieve stress for the viewer.

Tank and accessories
Container in the form chosen for the movement and beauty aquarum fish color pattern can be clearly seen from the outside. Accessories can rock, snails, water plants, and other objects. aquatic plants can be used to hide the kids and fish can increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in the afternoon. Save the water plant is given. While the stone used as decoration aquarium has a variety of shapes and colors. We recommend that the stones in choosing colors and sizes according to the color and size of fish is on the screen.

Guppy Fish Choses

The physical condition of fish to be shown it is absolutely necessary when buying fish. sick fish are usually reluctant to move. If berenag, all fin-sirpnya will not grow. Kusamakibat reduce mucus in the body color outside the body. If there are parasites attack the gills, gills usually become swollen.


Eating for Guppy as a screen, other than fish can maintain a decent life, and to maintain and enhance the color quality of fish. There are 2 kinds of fish, artificial and natural. Bait is closely related to water pollution. There are several considerations in providing food for the fish is relatively limited given the view maintenance. The shape and nature of a good feed of fish for display must be in accordance with the opening of the mouth of the fish, contain adequate nutrition, have an attractive color, such as fish, stable in water, and safe for fish. feed given in the afternoon, morning and night. The number of fish that should be provided in accordance with the needs and number of fish. Avoid eating too much bad karma would only contaminate or pollute the water.

Water Repacement

As a screen, replacing the water does not need to be done every day. This is because the tools exist to filter impurities, called filters. The filter works by suction and water pressure systems. These filters work processes can occur Karnadi Help by pump or aerator.


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